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These Flash tutorials require the Flash plug-in to view. You can download the flash player here [PC Version].
These Flash movies will open a new full screen browser window. Use the control player buttons at the bottom of the screen to stop, pause or close the player window and return to this page.

Accessing Pupil Pages - This tutorial shows you how visitors can log into student sites, how students log in to manage their sites and tells you about some of Pupil Pages security features.

Biography and Home Page - This is the entry page for your portfolio. Look here to see how to edit your biography page.

Adding Categories - Categories are used to organize your work. This tutorial demonstrates how to add and delete categories in your portfolio.

Adding Pages - You can add multiple work files and pages to your site. Watch this tutorial to see how.


Student User QUICK START Guide PDF
Student User Guide PDF
Teacher User Guide PDF
District Administrator Guide PDF
School Administrator Guide PDF


1. Is there a setup fee for the Pupil Pages per school building?

No. There is no setup fee for Pupil Pages. The annual subscription is for the district and there is a fee for each individual student user.

2. Is there an additional fee per school?

No, you can create as many schools within your district as you like.

3. What happens when a child graduates or moves to another school?

If the student is staying within your school district, you can simply assign him/her to another school building. If a child is graduating or moving out of your district, he/she can choose to continue to utilize their Pupil Pages site by taking advantage of our Portfolio-2-Go service.

4. Are the students' sites password protected?

Yes, there are actually 2 levels of password protection. The student has his/her own password which lets them login and edit their sites. You also have the option of password protecting the students' sites to the public, so that nobody can view the sites without a password.

5. What if someone posts objectionable material in the comments section of a site?

Pupil Pages includes a language filter for the commenting section. Your site administrator can add words to the dictionary that will not be allowed to be posted on the student's site. Teachers have access to all student sites to edit. Students also have the ability to delete comments on their own sites.

6. What kind of files can a student include in their Pupil Pages portfolio?

Virtually any type of file can be included, word documents, audio, video, photos and images, spreadsheets, etc.

If you have additional questions about Pupil Pages, please write us at support@os4e.com.


You may want to check our user-user support forums on The Chalkboard


You can contact our support department by sending email to:

Most support questions are answered within one business day.

Each school or school district that purchases is entitled to unlimited phone support for one representative from that school or district. If you are the designated representative, you may call 914-762-0687 during regular business hours.





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